Thursday, March 3, 2011

I turned the flu corner :-)

This is the first day I have had no fever whatsoever, and I am definitely starting to feel better. I can deal with the awful cough and fatigue, but that fever really took it out of me. Glad though that I was able to tube feed through it, as fever raises your metabolic rate by 13% - and with my raging metabolism I would have for sure lost quite a few pounds as a result of this had I not been able to feed.

Now, I am trying to deal with the sheer boredom of still being confined to my bed - although I have decided that tomorrow I will move to the living room and the couch again during the day!

The cats have been wonderful, giving me lots of cuddles and love. M, of course, has been wonderful too, giving me no cuddles though for fear of infection :-). He helped me with a quick bath yesterday, washing me off with a wash cloth and soap - the pleasures a short bath can give you after four days of fevers!

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