Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Job interview tomorrow

I received a very unexpected call yesterday from the neuropsychologist at St. Pölten hospital. They have an opening for an internship starting with May for six months, paid (under-paid, but better than nothing), and I would be able to get my internship credited towards my clinical psych and neuropsych degree.

I had one internship lined up for the end of August, but that would not be enough for my neuropsych degree, and I would have four months inbetween without getting paid, but with the opportunity to continue my neuropsych internship at the hospital where I am now.

But of course financially it would be a lot better for me to be able to do the other internship in St. Pölten. Anyway, I have my interview tomorrow morning. And this is my first interview as a full time tubefeeder. I am a bit worried about how it will go, and also about how to broach the subject. I do want to tell them, as I will be coming hooked up (to my waistpack), and might look odd to them why I run around with a waistpack :-). I know I can tell the neuropsychologist that I have been working hooked up without any problems at my current hospital, but still...

I so want to get that internship!!! Please, anyone, if you have a few thoughts to spare, send over some good vibes :-).

Today on the way home from work, I was chatting on the phone with my friend while riding the train, telling her about tomorrow and about how this will relieve all my money worries at least for the foreseeable future. I then got off the phone and just chilled the last three train stations lost in thought. Suddenly, just before the stop where I had to get off too, the woman sitting across from me bent towards me, looked at me and said: "I wish you good luck for tomorrow." When I looked at her obviously speechless and I slightly confused, she said that she heard me talking on the phone about it and that she knew how all of that felt. It was so nice of her! It totally made my day!


Anonymous said...


Good luck today! I really hope you get that internship :)

Take care,
Ink (from inspire)

Tube Girl said...

Thanks Ink!