Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am not invincible

Being sick again felt so much of an inconvenience too me, not wanting to stay home from work, not wanting to have anyone think that I am any less capable of being a full-time psychologist than any other regular non tube feeding girl.

I spent hours negotiating with myself, M, and my parents, whether I should go to work today (Easter monday is a public holiday over here, so no work duties yesterday). I had a horrible night, coughing, sniffing, tossing and turning, and yet I got up this morning determined to go to work.

I made it for four hours before deciding that I would be better off at home :-).

Yes, I know, I am not invincible. I should have stayed home in the first place, it's just so difficult for me having had so many sick days this year already :-(.

Off to see my family physician now.

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