Monday, April 18, 2011

I got it!!!

At the beginning of March I posted about my very first job interview as a full time tube feeder, as I still need another 6 month internship for my neuropsychology degree.

I knew that they wanted me, but I still had to jump through a few bureaucratic hoops before I could relax knowing that that position was going to be mine.

All last week I have been waiting to receive THE letter from the nether austrian government giving me the permission for my internship. Oh the anxiety of checking my mailbox every day and the disappointment afterwards....

But today the called me, and I got it!!!!
I will begin June 1st. This means that I will work at my current hospital until May 20iest, then I will be off to Portugal for a week with M, and then I'll start working at the new hospital in P.
I am so glad. You have no idea what this means to me. It means not being without a salary (albeit small) until September (when I originally I would have been able to start with a second internship), I will be insured, I will have my degree completed earlier, and I will be able to start a family sooner!!!

In other news, I fell while riding my scooter today. Actually, I fell when I was not even really riding yet.... It happened in the middle of the sidewalk of a very busy touristy street, lots of people just gawking at me, only one girl came to help me up and ask me if I was all right.
My hand really hurt in the beginning, and I am sure I will get a nasty bruise on my hip, but at least I didn't break anything.

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