Monday, April 4, 2011

My PEG/J and my very good looking stoma

M took some photos of my PEG/J yesterday, and I have realized that have not yet posted pics of my new tube. Even though I was so disappointed when I had to give up my low-profile button tube for the PEG/J, I am now actually really liking it.
My tube is a Fresenius Kabi 15 FR PEG with a 9 FR intestinal tube threaded down the PEG into my jejunum. This set-up is also called a JET-PEG. Yes, I admit, the adapter for both the G- and the J-part is humongous, but I got used to that too.

I have always had pretty bad leakage with my G-button, partially from feeding into my stomach (the pressure always goes the path of least resistance, in my case out through the stoma...) and also from the balloon style tube that simply doesn't seal off the stoma as well as my current PEG that has a bumper on the inside. I had a few issues after switching to the new tube, as my stoma first had to tighten around the tube (always used to have an 18 FR), but with the help of my beloved medihoney that went quite well. Then I kept having really dry skin around my stoma site, until I realized that my stoma was now so "dry" (as in not leaking anymore) that I no longer needed the zinc barrier cream I had been using for over a year. Now all I put on is a bit of St. John's wart oil (good for my excema, and I tend to get excema round my stoma if I am not careful) and some Eucerin creme for atopic dermatitis (excema) on the skin around my stoma that tends to get really dry.

Here are a few photos:

 I know the color is kind of off, hard to believe
that that tube used to be clear in the beginning

 Stoma up close.

My tube, waistpack, and I :-)

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