Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sick and tired

I really ended up getting a bad cold. So instead of making our way through multiple furniture stores in preparation of our big move in July, I spent most of the weekend in bed, cuddled up with the cats.

As it happens I had also developped tendonitis in my left foot from scootering too much (oh, I know, I like to overdo things...), at least now with being sick I don't feel as disappointed that I have been banned from scootering and running for a week.

I have no idea what's up with my immune system. In the past three months I had two UTIs, 1 flu and now a cold.... I guess working at a hospital doesn't make it any easier - so many germs there.

Due to the perfect timing of my cold I have no idea if the steroid injection is working or not. I received the injection Tuesday evening, supposedly plasma levels are reached within 24-48 hours. Thursday night I was still in full blown allergies and Friday I came down with the regular cold. Plus, I have not been outside at all since Friday....
Still keeping my fingers crossed that I will see major improvement.

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