Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What made me smile today

I have been treating Mr. A for the past five weeks for his severe memory impairments and visual field defect. His semantic memory is impaired, making it difficult for him to retrieve old memories, although this is slowly coming back, but he also has a hard time making new memories or re-learning things that he used to be able to do. He is high functioning in his deficits and he definitely is able to form new memories, but still he is impaired.

He can't read anymore and so he sits around most of the day and just wait for his therapies, rounds, meals, visits ... for the day to be over. Seeing his face lighten up when I pick him for therapy is priceless.

Today, he pondered about what day of the week it was (temporal relations are not easy for him to grasp), and I told him it was Tuesday. He then started thinking that if today was Tuesday and tomorrow was Wednesday and he was going to go home this Thursday, this would mean that I would only get him for rehab one more time. On our way out the door he started shaking my hand and thanking me and telling me that he would remember me for a very long time.

This coming from a patient with severe memory impairments made my day!

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