Monday, May 2, 2011

I could write an ode on runny noses

Actually, it almost makes me laugh. Just because that's so me :-).
I am finally getting over my last cold and then grass pollen season started in Vienna today. And my nose is running and dripping all over again. So picture me today - my white coat stuffed with clean and used tissues, constantly - even with patients - having to blow my nose or otherwise I would have - sorry for the graphics - dripped everywhere. Obviously, after five weeks of some relieve due to the depot steroid injection I received at the beginning of April, I am officially in a full-blown allergy flare-up again. Time to bring out the nasal steroid spray again and stuff all my pockets and bags with tissues.

Only three more weeks and we will be off to Portugal - a week at the ocean will be wonderful for my allergies and my nose!

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