Saturday, May 7, 2011

Learning how to manage my time

In order to be able to function I need at least 8 hours, better though 9 hours, sleep at night. With working 40h/week, being responsible for our household, working with my rehab patient after work once a week and all the other things that need to be tended to, I have been cutting back on my sleep. Fridays I only work until 2 PM and that's usually the hardest day for me with being very tired and day-dreaming of a good nap all morning. Once I am home I always end up sleeping for 2-3 hours on Friday afternoons trying to relieve my fatigue.

I sat down yesterday evening, making myself a plan on how to better manage my time, get more sleep in, be able to do things that are good for me (like working out or going for a run). It all comes down to spending less time on the internet.... - the computer and the internet are always "time thieves".

I have a nice weekend ahead of me, need to do some cleaning and grocery shopping, but will also treat myself to a new tube feeding waistpack. Tonight I will be going to a concert (latin jazz - one of my friends is playing) and tomorrow we have been invited to a picnic :-).

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Jennifer said...

OMG I just wrote you a long letter and it all just disappeared. I am tired and can't write that all out again. Hope you are doing well tho (((HUGS)))