Monday, June 27, 2011

So much to do, so little time

That's the story of my life right now... Still, I am way overdue for posting an update. Tube feeding at my cousin's confirmation ended up not being a problem at all. My Stepdad ordered food that I could eat too and shared with me, that way I actually got to eat orally like everyone else.

Last week I had a few really nice experiences like meeting my dietician's intern for a meeting with another newly tubefed patient and even though my dietician had briefed her that I had a feeding tube when she saw me stepping out of the elevator she thought that there must have been some sort of miscommunication going on and more likely I used to have a tube, but don't any longer, as she surely someone as I attractive as I am and as healthy looking can't be tubefed.

It's a bit hard for some people to imagine that tubefed people don't have to look like they are close to dying, on the opposite I look so well and healthy because of my feeding tube.

My dietician is very proud of my progress. I am finally able to build up muscle mass and my arms and shoulders are starting to look less skinny - yes :-)!!!! I have not felt this healthy in a decade I think...

The big news this week is that M and I are getting the keys to our new place this Wednesday! We have already sold quite a bit of our old furniture and our living room is basically furniture-less and instead lots of boxes piled on top of each other. After we get our keys, M and I will need to do some painting and then start assembling all the new furniture in time for the big move July 9th.

My internship is going well, am starting to get used to getting up very early and am really enjoying my time riding the train, especially in the morning with all the other commuters on board it is very quiet and relaxing.

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