Sunday, July 24, 2011

These are the moments

M and I worked really hard all day to get our old apartment ready - our lease ends with July 31st. In the afternoon we treated ourselves to a few hours of leisure and spent some time with my best friend and her children. When we came back home, I wanted to unpack some more boxes at the new place. But before, I needed to fold some laundry and move the wet clothes into the dryer. When I walked into my bathroom, I decided instead to switch my washer's door from opening to the left to opening to the right - that way it would be more comfortable.

I was so sure that my washer had this feature, so sure in fact that I did not read the manual first. Well, I should have. I was able to take the door off with no problem, but when I opened the plastic cover on the other side, a connecting piece inside the washer slid away. Realizing my mistake, I tried to put the plastic cover back on, could not fetch the connecting piece through the small hole, now the door can't lock in place anymore. AARGH!!!!

Have to call customer service tomorrow, spend money on something totally unnecessary. Obviously, I had a lesson to learn. But I am still having a hard time not being very, very mad at myself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Finally some time to write!!! We are loving our new apartment, and I have been meaning to blog about it and put up some pics, but there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I need (and want) to do right now!

Even though I usually don't want to think about it or see myself this way, but fact is that I have a chronic illness (actually a few), and fact is also that I therefore need more sleep than most young women my age. With moving and commuting to work I have been sleeping way too little and that has been taking a toll on me. All of last week we had no curtains in our new bedroom - no way to darken it at all, that's not contributing to a good nights sleep either. Thankgod to my lovely stepdad we now have blinds!!!! And it's dark again in our bedroom. And I have managed to go to bed early for three days in a row! The world certainly looks better when you have had enough (or at least more) sleep. I can't wait for the weekend to finally come - planning on sleeping in and maybe napping with a cat or two or three :-). Two weekends ago we moved, last weekend I had my clinical psychology classes - I am well overdue for some relaxation!

The cats are loving the new place as well, even though the two young ones are still a bit scared when it comes to being on the balcony. Laura on the other hand seems to remember all the years of her life (8) when she still had access to a balcony and loved and enjoyed it from the very first day on. Ever since we found out las March that we will move into an apartment with balcony this year, I have been hoping and wishing that she will hold on until then. And she did. My sweet old feline lady now gets to enjoy sun and wind and fresh air again! And she does - watching her lying on the balcony with the wind gently blowing through her fur, makes me happy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sneak preview

We have been really, really busy with getting ready for Saturday = moving day! M has been painting some walls to bring colour into our life, assembling our new Ikea furniture, and I have been packing up the old apartment.

And the cats, well the cats seem to be quite happy with the fact that there are lots and lots of full and empty boxes around the house for them to hide in, jump onto, sleep on etc....

Here a sneak preview of our new living room....