Sunday, July 24, 2011

These are the moments

M and I worked really hard all day to get our old apartment ready - our lease ends with July 31st. In the afternoon we treated ourselves to a few hours of leisure and spent some time with my best friend and her children. When we came back home, I wanted to unpack some more boxes at the new place. But before, I needed to fold some laundry and move the wet clothes into the dryer. When I walked into my bathroom, I decided instead to switch my washer's door from opening to the left to opening to the right - that way it would be more comfortable.

I was so sure that my washer had this feature, so sure in fact that I did not read the manual first. Well, I should have. I was able to take the door off with no problem, but when I opened the plastic cover on the other side, a connecting piece inside the washer slid away. Realizing my mistake, I tried to put the plastic cover back on, could not fetch the connecting piece through the small hole, now the door can't lock in place anymore. AARGH!!!!

Have to call customer service tomorrow, spend money on something totally unnecessary. Obviously, I had a lesson to learn. But I am still having a hard time not being very, very mad at myself.

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