Friday, August 26, 2011

Home already!

M picked me up at the hospital at noon today. Because he was already down-town, we took the subway back home. Not one my better ideas. I was in quite a bit of pain when we finally got home, and had to resort to oral pain meds.

Nevertheless, it is good to be home. I hardly slept last night, as I had a really hard time finding a position that was not causing me too much pain. I am definitely hoping for a better night tonight, at least my matress is more comfortable :-).

I did my first dressing change with the nurse this morning, stoma is looking very beautiful. And my old G-stoma is closing up nicely already.

Even though I have so much experience in stoma care, I am feeling a bit uneasy at the moment, worried that I might be doing something wrong and cause an infection. I did another dressing change tonight all by myself, well M was watching me and handing me my supplies :-). It's really odd to suddenly have a brandnew stoma again.

We are all still very happy and elated that the surgery was a success.
It simply means so much more independence!

I am so grateful!

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