Saturday, August 13, 2011

The tale of the bed spread

I always wanted to have a really nice bed spread for our bed. Our bedroom in the old apartment was very tiny and narrow, with the bed fitting exactly between the two walls. I tried using a bed spread there, but gave up after a few days - too much work trying to put it on the bed with not being able to access the bed on the left and right side as well.

But our new bedroom is spaceous - perfect for a bed spread. I bought a dark purple / mauve colored one at Ikea, also looking forward to having a way to keep the cats off our duvets and pillows. We originally wanted to keep the cats completely out of the bedroom, but they are still a bit stressed out from all the change and being able to sleep on our bed gives them comfort. On top of our move M has started his new job, now he only works from home one day a week. Of course the cats have been really spoiled in the past few years with him always working from home.

Last Saturday we put on the bed spread for the very first time. A couple hours later I walked into the bedroom and I couldn't believe my eyes. Aaliyah had climbed below the spread, sleeping contently ON our duvets, but below the throw. Not what I had had in mind when I put the spread on. Obviously she needed to be able to sleep below something to feel safe, therefore I put an old sheet on top of my bed spread for her to sleep under. Of course she decided that below the bed spread still is the better choice.

A few days later M and I observed the accumulation of red cat hair on our duvets, something that we really wanted to avoid.

So we came up with a temporary solution:
Every morning M takes our duvets and pillows and stores them in our closet. Then he puts the bed spread on the (empty) bed - kind of looks funny - but if that's what they need right now, then I am happy to accommodate that - as long as I can still have my new bed spread on my bed!

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