Monday, September 26, 2011

Clinical psychologist and health psychologist

I have finally completed the first part of my post-grad-education, and I am now officially able to call myself "Clinical psychologist" and "Health psychologist". Yeah!!!!
I am very proud of myself!

And because I love to study, I have already started my next post-grad-degree - Clinical neuropsychology. I had my first two courses this past weekend. 16 hours done, 132 hours to go :-).

Most of my classes are in Innsbruck (five hours from Vienna), I am very lucky that M's parents live only 20 minutes away and I can stay at their place. (And get a ride from my mother in law in the mornings...). Makes it a lot easier (and cheaper for me). This weekend I learned about aphasia, very theoretical, but very interesting. Next up - Parkinson Disease on Oct. 14th :-).
I love neuropsychology!

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