Sunday, September 18, 2011

I realized this morning that I haven't posted in a couple weeks now. That's what happens when I am back to work :-).

My stoma is looking really good, almost no leakage. I was having some troubles with granulation tissue coming up, but thanks to St. John's wart oil and my trusty ZCR cream it's going down already. Talked to my enterostomy nurse as well and she recommended keeping the tube more secured, too much movement facilitates granulation.

I am completely pain free, and have been able to use my scooter again for commuting. M and I also went to the gym last Sunday for the very first time in two months (took time off due to being physically very active during our move). Had no problems there either, I was even able to do abdominal exercises.

Work is very exciting at the moment. My boss organized that I can work on our surgery wards with the psychologists there for four weeks. I have already completed two weeks - it's very interesting, I am getting lot's of experience, but it's really strenous as well. So many so very sick patients.... and quite often with a very dire prognosis.

And the most exciting thing of this week - my best friend gave birth to her third child - a baby girl on Friday. Little Lina was in quite a hurry - she was born in the ambulance :-). I got to visit my friend at the hospital Friday afternoon and take a peek at Lina. What a beautiful little baby-girl!

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