Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh the irony!

I am feeling (slightly) frustrated with my feeding pumps right now. M picked up two newly serviced pumps for me on Friday. One is so noisy that there is so no way I can wear it at work, all my patients would pick up on it, something I want to avoid. And the other one, well, what can I say, its battery died on me today too :-(!!!! At least I was at home when it happened. What makes it really hard for me is that I can't do anything about it on the weekend. And I will have to bring a second pump to work on Monday, since neither of the two pumps I have will last the entire 12 hours that I am out of the house..... can't wait for Monday to work out a good solution. Praying that Mrs. P. (who is my contact person for replacement pumps) will also understand that I need a replacement for the very noisy pump too....

Other than that I had a wonderful day with M. Got up early (as always), went to Ikea and got some deco for the apartment, ordered curtains at Betten Reiter (and almost fainted when I found out how much those curtains were going to cost us...), and got some special high-cal food for Laura (my old kitty who is starting to look very skinny again). I also wanted to do some cleaning, but my tube has started to hurt (first day off pain meds). Got sent to bed by my darling husband :-) to rest instead.

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