Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job interview coming up

Only one month left in SP and then off to new adventures ;-). I already have begun to search for jobs, not that easy in Vienna. But - I have a job interview coming up for a temporary position at a neuro rehab clinic. I really, really hope that they will like me. I would really love to work there, even if it is only a temporary position. And I am so ready to finally earn some money, especially after those past 12 months of working a 40h job with almost no money in return.

I will still need to commute, but not as far (if I get to take the car, if M needs it and I have to take the train it will be even further). But I really hope that even though I will be out and about for so many hours of the day again that I will be able to find more time to take care of myself. My dietician really wants me to build up more muscle mass, but I have not been finding the time at all to go to the Gym.

My tube site is looking really well, hard to believe that I have only had this new tube for two months. The very tiny bit of granulation tissue that I had is starting to subside and therefore leakage is down to a minimum. I am very proud that I have another good looking stoma to show off.

All in all I am doing quite well, still thriving on my tube feeds, having only minimal symptoms as long as I stay away from food.

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