Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday night update

My job interview went alright. Even though I am not as sure anymore if I would be able to take it if they offered it to me. The problem is that M and I share a car and I won't be able to take the car every day. I expected work to begin at 8 AM, that way I would have been able to take the subway/train having to leave at the same time that I leave now. But I was informed that work begins at 7.30. This means I would have to leave at 5.15 in the morning (and getting up at around 4.30). I won't be able to sleep on the train as I have to switch trains a few times. I honestly don't think that I physically can do that. Even at my current internship when I am out and about 12 hours a day I have hardly any energy left for fun stuff. And on the weekends I end up sleeping half the time to try to recouperate (like today - I stayed in bed until 3 PM, reading, surfing the internet, and sleeping...). I have been meaning to go to the gym for weeks, but have not had the time nor energy to do so.

On a more positive note - the apartment is almost finished ;-)! Only a few more cupboards and the storage room to organize! We have even hung up our pictures! It really feels good to live here and we love our new place. The cats still spend time on the balcony, albeit a lot less with the colder weather. Sometimes they can be very, very annoying: "I want out!" "Let me in!" - in a matter of minutes.... Yesterday we almost forgot Aaliyah on the balcony. It wasn't until we went to bed and couldn't find her that I had a look outside and found her all huddled up in the cold. Poor kitty... I am curious to find out if they will grow a thicker coat this winter, now that they are spending some time in the cold.

Here is a photo of my two little buggers:

Aaliyah loves to sleep underneath the blanket....
In this picture she is obviously trying to be close to Aimee.

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