Thursday, December 29, 2011

For cat lovers...

If you are not a cat lover stop reading right here. You'll probably think this story is utterly disgusting. If you love cats and have the pleasure of sharing your life with a feline beauty, you might still think that the story is disgusting but you might also find it very funny.

Aimee is my "I eat everything I am not supposed to" cat. From dental floss to hair ties. M and I have to be really careful what we have lying around. The dental floss story is worth a blog post itself. When we came back Monday night from spending christmas at my parents Manu noticed some chewed up aluminium foil on the floor of his study. He had eaten a kebap the Friday before and not thinking of our feline garbage bin detective mindlessly discarded the aluminium wrapping foil in the garbage in his study. Aimee of course had searched through the garbage and got lucky.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon. I was sitting in the dining room working on the computer when I hear a cat puking terribly. M in turn started yelling for me to come quickly and help me. The scene that unfolded itself in the living room was priceless. Cat puke everywhere and poor little Aimee hunched over M's shoes throwing up even more. Knowing that Aimee only throws up like this when she has gotten into something inedible I did what any loving cat Mum would do. I put on a pair of disposible gloves and searched my way through Aimee's puke and found the culprit in the first big puddle - M's kebap aluminium wrapping foil. Then I started cleaning up the mess, first the big puddle in the study, then the trail of splattered kitty puke all the way from the study through our living room into our hallway.

I asked M how Aimee managed to make such a big mess. Turns out that when she puked up the first big puddle she threw up on her front paws and scared herself so much that she ran away while she was still puking. Poor kitty.

The morale of the story - always, always watch what you put in open garbage cans if you have a little Aimee at home.

PS: When M and I went to bed later that night we realized that Laura (the senior) had puked into our bed - how lovely....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

White horse - the sequel

I didn't get the other job either. I found that one out one day before my last day of work. It made me feel very sad and desperate for a little while. So yes, white horse, the sequel.

I have been officially unemployed since December 1st, though for now I consider it more like a vacation. I have worked straight through the past 13 months with only week of vacation inbetween, I definitely deserve some relaxation time now! Of course, as it seem to always happen, I got a really odd cold virus on my third day off work. I did not get sick all the time that I worked at the hospital for the past six months and the minute I am off and am starting to relax - bang - there it comes ;-)! Started with a sore throat on Saturday, progressed to general achyness and fatigue and the cold didn't set in until yesterday. Very odd.

Today Manu and I are celebrating our 9 year anniversary! And since he has a touch of a cold too, we will be snuggling up in bed and watching movies all day!