Thursday, December 8, 2011

White horse - the sequel

I didn't get the other job either. I found that one out one day before my last day of work. It made me feel very sad and desperate for a little while. So yes, white horse, the sequel.

I have been officially unemployed since December 1st, though for now I consider it more like a vacation. I have worked straight through the past 13 months with only week of vacation inbetween, I definitely deserve some relaxation time now! Of course, as it seem to always happen, I got a really odd cold virus on my third day off work. I did not get sick all the time that I worked at the hospital for the past six months and the minute I am off and am starting to relax - bang - there it comes ;-)! Started with a sore throat on Saturday, progressed to general achyness and fatigue and the cold didn't set in until yesterday. Very odd.

Today Manu and I are celebrating our 9 year anniversary! And since he has a touch of a cold too, we will be snuggling up in bed and watching movies all day!

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