Friday, January 27, 2012

What a wonderful vacation

I have been back from Portugal for a couple of days now, and it is hard to believe that after a week in short sleeves and light pants I am back to wearing turtle necks, a winter coat, scarve, cap, and gloves.

I had a wonderful time. I was able to relax and just be. I only had access to the internet a few times, and I had totally forgotten how good it feels not to be online that much. I did lots of reading and sleeping and simply enjoying sitting out in the sunshine. I even got a hint of a tan ;-).

Travelling went well from a tube feeding viewpoint - no troubles at security or during the flights both times.

I had a very creative set up in my bedroom for my nighttime feeds. Usually at home I use my IV pole for that, but this is what I did in Portugal:

My trusty travelling tube feeding hook ;-).... works well on the backs of chairs as well....


Monday, January 16, 2012

Waiting at Frankfurt

Now I am waiting in Frankfurt. Frankfurt has big size windows in most of their waiting areas. Sitting in the sunshine watching the planes and busyness of the airport - and enjoying life!

Ready for take off

I am waiting at the airport, ready for boarding my flight. Everythink worked well with my extra medical luggage (all 32 kg of it), although the customer service officer at the check-in desk did not see the "free of charge" note right away, and asked me about paying for my extra luggage. I explained to her once again that it is free of charge and showed her the e-mail communication I had printed out with Lufthansa's special operations desk. She then called a colleague and in the end found the note. Slight adrenaline rise for a second, but it worked out fine.

I am very excited to be flying. I am bringing four bags of extra formula that I will have to take through security, but I am used to that. I have a letter from my physician and if all fails I simply lift my shirt and show my tube ;-). Show and tell at the airport security :-)!

This time I will hook off for going through security though, way too much hassle with the intimate pat down I always receive if I don't hook off.

So yes, I am excited!

Friday, January 13, 2012

I was in class today for my neuropsych degree - today's topic "memory disorders in patients with brain damage". The lecturer had little demonstrations prepared on how to use external memory devices. To remind himself of (and show us) the first coffee break, he had his dictaphone set as an alarm with a pre-recorded message saying "coffee break". For the second coffee break he had his cell phone set to ring.
I was sitting in the front row, actually he was talking right in front of me for most of the day. About an hour after the second coffee break my pump started alarming. The look on his face was priceless, as he obviously started thinking that one of his memory devices was going off again without him prompting to do so..... and I turned slightly read as he was standing right in front of me ;-).
Other than that - the class was very interesting, another day tomorrow.
Interestingly, I still find it awkward refilling my feeding bag in front of 20 psychologists. I never have problems doing it in public (like on the train or in the subway), but I do get a bit self-conscious in a room full of psychologists...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am so excited!

I wasn't doing so well at the beginning of December with some additional
health issues, but I am feeling so much better now, and as a reward I
booked myself a flight to visit some friends in Portugal! M
unfortunately has to work and therefore can't come with me, but I am
excited nevertheless. I am flying in less than two weeks and
preparations have started already - sent an email of to Lufthansa to
ensure that can bring all my tube feeding stuff as special luggage (free
of charge) with me. Last time I flew with them I had some problems in
this regard, and I am trying to get everything sorted out beforehand
this time. But it seems that I am on the right track :-).

I am really excited to fly to Portugal, weather is a lot warmer than
over here and definitely more sunshine than in dreary grey Vienna. I
will need to bring some lighter clothing (I guess I have to go through
some summer clothes drawer....)!