Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am so excited!

I wasn't doing so well at the beginning of December with some additional
health issues, but I am feeling so much better now, and as a reward I
booked myself a flight to visit some friends in Portugal! M
unfortunately has to work and therefore can't come with me, but I am
excited nevertheless. I am flying in less than two weeks and
preparations have started already - sent an email of to Lufthansa to
ensure that can bring all my tube feeding stuff as special luggage (free
of charge) with me. Last time I flew with them I had some problems in
this regard, and I am trying to get everything sorted out beforehand
this time. But it seems that I am on the right track :-).

I am really excited to fly to Portugal, weather is a lot warmer than
over here and definitely more sunshine than in dreary grey Vienna. I
will need to bring some lighter clothing (I guess I have to go through
some summer clothes drawer....)!

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