Friday, January 13, 2012

I was in class today for my neuropsych degree - today's topic "memory disorders in patients with brain damage". The lecturer had little demonstrations prepared on how to use external memory devices. To remind himself of (and show us) the first coffee break, he had his dictaphone set as an alarm with a pre-recorded message saying "coffee break". For the second coffee break he had his cell phone set to ring.
I was sitting in the front row, actually he was talking right in front of me for most of the day. About an hour after the second coffee break my pump started alarming. The look on his face was priceless, as he obviously started thinking that one of his memory devices was going off again without him prompting to do so..... and I turned slightly read as he was standing right in front of me ;-).
Other than that - the class was very interesting, another day tomorrow.
Interestingly, I still find it awkward refilling my feeding bag in front of 20 psychologists. I never have problems doing it in public (like on the train or in the subway), but I do get a bit self-conscious in a room full of psychologists...

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