Monday, January 16, 2012

Ready for take off

I am waiting at the airport, ready for boarding my flight. Everythink worked well with my extra medical luggage (all 32 kg of it), although the customer service officer at the check-in desk did not see the "free of charge" note right away, and asked me about paying for my extra luggage. I explained to her once again that it is free of charge and showed her the e-mail communication I had printed out with Lufthansa's special operations desk. She then called a colleague and in the end found the note. Slight adrenaline rise for a second, but it worked out fine.

I am very excited to be flying. I am bringing four bags of extra formula that I will have to take through security, but I am used to that. I have a letter from my physician and if all fails I simply lift my shirt and show my tube ;-). Show and tell at the airport security :-)!

This time I will hook off for going through security though, way too much hassle with the intimate pat down I always receive if I don't hook off.

So yes, I am excited!

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