Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A slightly different health update

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will already know that I have the pleasure of sharing my life with three lovely feline ladies. Today I have a health update - not about me - but about Laura.

Laura is my senior kitty who is going to turn 20 in May. Laura used to have a brother - Romeo - but he died 6 years ago this June from chronic kidney failure. Immediately after his death, my husband and I, didn't want to get another cat, saying that surely Laura won't be living very much longer either and then we'll start with siblings again. But Laura didn't tolerate being alone after always being with her brother for 14 years and so we got Aimee to keep her company. Two years later we brought Aaliyah into our feline household as Aimee needed a younger cat to be active with, thinking that this was just going to be a temporary solution because surely Laura wouldn't live that much longer. That was three years ago ;-). So yes, Laura has outlived all our expectations by far.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that she was drinking more water than usual. We therefore took her the vet to get a blood test. Yesterday I got the results back and my sweet old cat is in chronic kidney failure. I don't know what her life expectancy is, we won't really treat it - given her age.

But I really hope that she will hold on a little bit longer - I want her to have another summer on our balcony - basking in the sun light and enjoying the warm wind in her fur.

Laura aged 11

Friday, February 24, 2012

The perfect nap

After my wonderful vacation in Portugal with temperatures everyday up to 20 °C, I came back home to a Siberian cold front. For weeks we had temperatures below -10 °C every day, making me not really want to leave the house at all. In the past week we finally had a turn around and it actually hit 12 °C today. And above all - the sun was shining all day! (Vienna can be very grey and dreary during the winter time.)

So this is what I did for my early afternoon nap:
Got out our chaise lounge, wrapped myself up in my duvet and had a wonderful nap out on the balcony enjoying the sun shining on my face! Laura, my dear old cat, cuddled up with me and seemed to enjoy the spring feeling as well. I slept for over an hour, until the sun started to disappear behind the apartment building opposite from us.

So wonderful!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Praise for medihoney

I know I have blogged about medihoney a few times already in the past few years, but I feel I need to blog about again. I am just so amazed at how well that stuff works!!!

Even though my new stoma is looking really good, no irritation, no redness at all, I did have some problems with granulation tissue inside my stoma tract. It bled amost every single day, and I started to be afraid that it would maybe become infected with it being an open wound all the time.

So I brought out the medihoney again, started applying it with a Q-tip twice a day, always sliding my tube in and out of the stoma in the process in order to try to get as much medihoney as possible inside my stoma tract.

After two weeks my stoma tract has healed very nicely and the bleeding has stopped completely. I will still be using the medihoney for another week just to make sure. My stoma tract seems to have tightened up more too, hardly any leakage now, I don't even have to use barrier cream anymore.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeding tube awareness week

This week is feeding tube awareness week.

Most people I meet probably don't know that I am a tube feeder, not unless I tell them. I guess I hide it well.
When I do decide to tell people I usually get raised eyebrows and a "what do you mean you can't eat". Therefore I rather not talk about it.

That does make me sad sometimes because really I am so very grateful for my feeding tube. I want to tell everyone that this is the reason that I can live, that my feeding tube enables me to have the life that I deserve to have.

So yes, I am a proud tube feeder!