Friday, February 24, 2012

The perfect nap

After my wonderful vacation in Portugal with temperatures everyday up to 20 °C, I came back home to a Siberian cold front. For weeks we had temperatures below -10 °C every day, making me not really want to leave the house at all. In the past week we finally had a turn around and it actually hit 12 °C today. And above all - the sun was shining all day! (Vienna can be very grey and dreary during the winter time.)

So this is what I did for my early afternoon nap:
Got out our chaise lounge, wrapped myself up in my duvet and had a wonderful nap out on the balcony enjoying the sun shining on my face! Laura, my dear old cat, cuddled up with me and seemed to enjoy the spring feeling as well. I slept for over an hour, until the sun started to disappear behind the apartment building opposite from us.

So wonderful!

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