Friday, February 17, 2012

Praise for medihoney

I know I have blogged about medihoney a few times already in the past few years, but I feel I need to blog about again. I am just so amazed at how well that stuff works!!!

Even though my new stoma is looking really good, no irritation, no redness at all, I did have some problems with granulation tissue inside my stoma tract. It bled amost every single day, and I started to be afraid that it would maybe become infected with it being an open wound all the time.

So I brought out the medihoney again, started applying it with a Q-tip twice a day, always sliding my tube in and out of the stoma in the process in order to try to get as much medihoney as possible inside my stoma tract.

After two weeks my stoma tract has healed very nicely and the bleeding has stopped completely. I will still be using the medihoney for another week just to make sure. My stoma tract seems to have tightened up more too, hardly any leakage now, I don't even have to use barrier cream anymore.


elizabethfrances said...

What exactly is it and where do you get it from?

Tube Girl said...

Medihoney is "antibacterial medical honey" - the main component is manouka honey. I was introduced to medihoney in 2009 when I had my first (and only) stoma infection. I was seen by the head of Infectious Disease at the university hospital of Vienna. While I was waiting for my cultures to come back, he told me start using medihoney, as they had had really good results with it. By the time the cultures came back showing some nasty bugs, my stoma infection was already gone thanks to the medihoney and I escaped being put on antibiotics. Ever since then I always have a tube of medihoney at home - just in case ;-).
I get medihoney at the pharmacy (here in Austria, and it is actually covered by my insurance). Here is the US website for more information

elizabethfrances said...

Thank you!

Katja said...


I have been a long time background reader of your blog, and this post particularly caught my attention. I have had my J tube for 2months, sometimes the pain is still so severe I have to take narcotics, and the stoma just. wont. heal! it is drivng me insane. the granulation tissue is getting to be a bit much, and theres always a lot of drainage. ew, i know, sorry. I was diagnosed with a MRSA infection at my site about a month ago...and that doesnt seem to be helping much!! haha. anyway, do you think that the medi honesy could work? i know you arent a dr, well..a medical one, but from your on person j tuber experience, what do you suggest? my GI is not very helpful, i told him it wasnt healing right and he told me its not his issue its the radiologists! im so confused at who to go to for help. because until this heals, i cant get anything low profile!!!

--frustrated in the US.

Tube Girl said...

Hi Katja!
Medihoney is effective in MRSA infections too - here a reference:
Also the German Medihoney page lists all references for medihoney studies - even though the page itself is in German - most of the references are in English - have a look:
I have never had any pain in either my PEG- or now my J-site, except when I had my one and only infection.
This is how I use the medihoney: clean my stoma with water, put the medihoney on a Q-tip and try to "stuff" it into my stoma tract, I then usually slide my tube up and down - just a few centimeters - to get the honey inside my tract, more honey on top - especially if the skin around the stoma is infected too, and put a clean dressing on. If I have lots of drainage, I change my dressing three times a day (the medihoney and cleaning routine I only do twice), as I have noticed that leakage makes granulation tissue worse. You probably checked my stoma care page already, if not, you might find some helpful tips.


Anonymous said...

You are a blessing!!! I've had my GJ tube since 2/2010 & though my Dr's always say my stoma looks good & fact better than most, but I was in hospital week of Christmas with cellulitis (my tube subsequently fell out within 24 hrs of admission) & I constantly have drainage, granulation tissue, & bleeding as the granulation tissue builds up ... I WANT THIS MEDIHONEY! :D I've asked about barrier cream several times & no one seems to hear me & I'm terrified of going through another bout with cellulitis. It felt like someone was taking a torch to the inside of my stomach lining ... excruciating!
Thanks so much for this info ... I have Chronic Pancreatitis, Gastroparesis, Eosiniphilic Esophagitis, & Addison's Disease. (Plus a couple more things *sigh*) But, those are the BIG GI issues.
Have a Great Day!

Monica from Kentucky (Lexington)

Tube Girl said...

Hi Monica!

If I had listened to what I was told in hospitals, I don't think I would have such a nice stoma. There was this one nurse who actually said that I would only need to change my dressing once a week... - "but I shower every day" was my response...
Anyhow, I now have the greatest stoma nurse in the world and she really taught me how to care for my stoma. Barrier cream is good - works well for granulation tissue too - I stopped using the medihoney after a couple of weeks and am now back to applying barrier cream on top of my granulation tissue with a q-tip and around my stoma. The bleeding has stopped completely. I think I will post some pics of my stoma in the next few days - am very proud ;-). I am so glad I found a routine that works well!
Hope you will benefit from it too!

Stephanie said...

Woke up with what looks like a small infection on my J-tube site. I immediately remembered your information about medihoney, now I'm on a mission to find it in the states! I see online there are a few choices such as barrier cream, wound paste, and so on. What did you find most helpful when you had stoma infection?
Stephanie :)

Tube Girl said...

Hi Stephanie!
I always use the medihoney paste (wound paste). Works perfectly for stoma sites. I also highly recommend any types of barrier cream once you feel the infection is under control.

Tran said...

Hi I hope you’re still on this blog. I have a toddler with granulation tissue inside his stoma. No docs or nurses know what to do besides silver nitrate. I’m not for it because it’s inside. Is Medihoney paste still safe for that?