Sunday, March 18, 2012

A turn for the positive?

I have been feeling a bit better lately and have now started experimenting with food again. I am running my tube feed at a slightly higher rate in order to have more time off the pump. And for any substantial oral intake I get to have more time off too, as I am able to substract the oral calories from my tube feeding intake.
For the first few days I had semi-elemental nutritional supplements, but now I am starting to have to real food. I am still following GP guidelines, but it is so good to finally taste food again. It does feel strange in my stomach at first, and I have to take it very slowly, but I am doing it! Now I just have to hope that my intestines are behaving as well and absorbing what I eat!

I am feeling incredibly happy!


Rocci said...

I am so happy for you ... and a little jealous. I hope that your eating adventure is everything for which you hope.

I am gradually discovering that, apparently, there is nothing I can do, or avoid doing, that will keep me from getting chronic bouts of aspiration pneumonia. And I so want to eat and drink but am limiting myself to the very occasional beer (a guy has to live).

Just recently, my 22 year old daughter asked me to teach her to cook, something in which I've been trying to interest her for years without success. Our first lesson was making homemade pasta and marinara and she did wonderfully. It was some of the best time we have ever spent together. It was so hard for me not to enjoy that meal with her and my wife. But my daughter asking me to teach her to cook is a precious gift that I am going to enjoy.

Stephanie said...

This is fantastic news! I''m down to using my tube for 1/2 my calories overnight and adjust with flare ups. Slowly decreasing and hope it works too. Keep us updated on how it goes and will be crossing my fingers for you :)

Tube Girl said...

Hi Stephanie!
That's me ultimate goal - only use my tube at night - freedom from pump and bag :-).