Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nothing new over here

M and I had a wonderful easter at my parents' house, complete with snow fall and temperatures below zero. If it had been christmas, it would have been lovely, but for easter - yikes!

I spent the past few days in Innsbruck, took a couple of classes for my neuropsych degree, spent some time with the in-laws and came back late last night a bit wiser, but very tired :-).

Today we spent the morning with my girlfriend and her kids - the boys - now 2 years and 7 months - watched me intently when I filled up my feeding back, put my meds down my tube and flushed it and got all hooked up. "What's Lula doing there?" "What's that Lula?" - pointing to my syringe and my feeding bag. Too cute!

Laura is hanging on nicely, she is still drinking lots of water, but we have switched her food to a low protein, low phosphat "kidney-friendly" diet and she seems to be holding steady.