Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nothing new over here

M and I had a wonderful easter at my parents' house, complete with snow fall and temperatures below zero. If it had been christmas, it would have been lovely, but for easter - yikes!

I spent the past few days in Innsbruck, took a couple of classes for my neuropsych degree, spent some time with the in-laws and came back late last night a bit wiser, but very tired :-).

Today we spent the morning with my girlfriend and her kids - the boys - now 2 years and 7 months - watched me intently when I filled up my feeding back, put my meds down my tube and flushed it and got all hooked up. "What's Lula doing there?" "What's that Lula?" - pointing to my syringe and my feeding bag. Too cute!

Laura is hanging on nicely, she is still drinking lots of water, but we have switched her food to a low protein, low phosphat "kidney-friendly" diet and she seems to be holding steady.


Anonymous said...

Hello :) I giggled at the little ones watching your sort your feed - my nephew is four, and he gets SO excited! Last time we stayed over, I was on overnight feeds, and I came down in the morning still connected to pump and IV pole. Cue (in a very excited high voice) "Auntie Lynda, whats that MACHIIIIINE!??? Can I have one?"

It was hilarious, he subsequently spent half an hour watching me and quizzing me on every thing he could think of. We went out later that day, and he was very upset that my machine wasn't going with us! ;)

About your puddy tat - my two older brothers both have renal disease. They are almost 14 and have had it about four years. Since being diagnosed they have been on renal food, and Barney is also now on a potassium supplement. They both also need something to prevent constipation (the amount of pee they produce leads to slight dehydration and constipation) but aside from that are really well. Barney still is out all day hunting, the problem is I now have to persuade him not to eat what he catches! Bobby prefers to lie on the windowsill in the sun :)

Fingers crossed she does well on the renal food x

Lynda :)

Rocci said...

I'm still too shy, embarassed, and/or grossed out to manage my pump in front of anyone but family. It is reassuring to know that I will eventually come to terms with it.

Anonymous said...

not all our family know. I worry about some peoples reactions even though I am okay with it. But now I feed in the day time they are gonna find out soon enough..

I think it helps once you start seeing the positive effects it has on your body (weight gain, more energy etc). Its been a real lifeline for me and a compromise well worth getting used to! :)