Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turning from Tubegirl into Tubemum :-)

I have been postponing forever to finally blog my big news - but here it is - I am pregnant :-) - in my 29th week already, I definitely have lots of stories to tell and information to share on being a J-feeder and pregnancy. I have found next to nothing on J-tube feeding (specifically a PEJ-tube) and pregnancy, and I really want to share my experiences so others can benefit. 
I will update more in the next couple of days :-).


Anonymous said...

OMG Julia! Thats fantastic news :) :) Congratulations. I hope you have a trouble free pregnancy.

I can't have children, but I have to say I think I would have been a bit squeamish about it with my PEG (which sits as low as a jpeg due to my anatomy). I would be worried about what happens when everything inside is squished and moves around, does it tug on your stoma?

Am so happy for you, keep us posted! ;)

Lynda x

Rocci said...

I have been checking your blog daily to see if you posted anything new and was so glad to see your post today. Now I know why you haven't posted for a while.

Congratulations, what exciting news! I am so happy for you.

My daughter is 22 now and still living at home while she tries to find a job. She has been the joy of my life, even when she was a rebellious teenager. Actually, she wasn't all that rebellious. We have been very blessed in our lives.

Tube Girl said...

Lynda - little one seems to think that my tube is his first toy :-) - always kicking at it from inside, can be quite painful.

Rocci - my husband and I feel blessed already!

Ziggy Ramone said...

Awww Julia! I am so so pleased for you!!!! Congratulations and I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!

I'd be really interested to know how your pregnancy progresses with regards to your J tube. I too have looked all over the 'net for information on this without luck and it will be great to hear your experiences in preparation for my hopeful first pregnancy!

All the best.

Love Ziggy. xx

Jennifer Leahy said...

Julia I am sorry I have not been in contact lately just having a hard time with life. I was going thru my bookmarks and clicked on yours and this AMAZING picture popped up!!! I am so happy and excited for you and M!!! Someone was giving me a bad time about never having my Skype on so I am working on having it on some!!! I am really so so happy for you and will be sure to keep tabs on you and how you are doing and the issues with having a tube and pregnancy. Congratulations Love Jennifer

Speculative Speculum said...

I am so glad that you have this blog. It makes for feel so less alone. I have a PEG-PEJ for hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy). Thank you so much!

Tube Girl said...

Hi SS!
How far along are you in your pregnancy? Actually, almost the only resources I found on the internet in regards to tube feeding and pregnancy was in regards to women with hyperemesis gravidarum. I am glad it makes you feel less alone!