Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy week

Week 34 - and it is going to be busy! Tomorrow I have an appointment with my midwife, on Thursday I will have my 34-growth-check-up at the hospital and in the evening our second prenatal class. On Friday M is leaving for Tyrol to celebrate his Mom's 60iest birthday, but I will stay at home, I am definitely not up to spending 5 hours on the train each way.

This is my second week of maternity leave, and I am really enjoying having some time on my hands now. (When I was still working I spent most of my spare time on the couch or in bed.) I have actually finally gotten around to doing my wedding scrapbook (after almost 2 years of marriage ;-))). Finished the first one last week, but had so many of our photos printed that I will have to do a second one. Afterwards I want to work on my pregnancy scrap book and once that is completed, I want to sew a blanket for our little one.

So much to do!