Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 33

Last week was a tough week from a tube perspective. The week before that my Mum had come to Vienna to help us turn M's study into the nursery and generally organize our apartment (my Mum is the best organizer ever). I, of course, helped a lot and after my Mum had left, M and I continued to work on our apartment - in the end we worked straight for about a week. By last Monday I was in so much pain around my tube site that I started to get seriously worried. I couldn't move my tube without being in pain, couldn't walk, couldn't even ride in the car. From the past months I remembered that this could all be caused by totally overdoing it with tasks where I had to use my stomach muscles. M intervened and sent me off to bed and to the couch for three days straight. Very boring, but soooo effective! Already after a day I noticed a big difference in my pain level and after a few days I was back to my usual pregnant self.

I am now very careful in my activities and try to listen to my body better. As soon as I feel the tiniest bit of onset in pain around my tube set I retire to the couch or bed to rest.

The pain of Laura's passing is starting to subside a bit. Of course I know that it was bound to happen sooner rather than later, but it still hurts incredibly to lose a pet after such a long time. I am so grateful though to have Aimee and Aaliyah around who shower us with lots of love and kitty cuddles right now!


Rocci said...

I am so sorry that you have had such a trying week. It must be very challenging to be going through all of that while you are pregnant.

I have to confess that my tube has never given me any problems. I hate it. I hate being dependent on it and I hate the way it hangs down and flops around. But I never have any pain or discomfort.

I had to put a dog down several years ago. We had tried everything to avoid that, but in the end it was the only compassionate thing to do. The vet was wonderful. I held that big old dog in my lap while he passed. He was fearful but peaceful in the end and the vet gave us the time and space to be alone with him while he was passing.

We now have three little dogs and I hope that they all go peacefully and quickly without us having to go through that trauma again. But if it comes down to it, I would again end their suffering and put them down. It really is the only compassionate thing to do.

Tube Girl said...

Hi Rocci!

I too am one of the lucky ones to never (knock on wood) experience pain with my tube, but I guess the pregnancy does change things a bit :-).

I am sorry to hear that you are still having a hard time dealing with your tube. I always try to see the positive - if I didn't have my tube, I wouldn't be able to live - let alone bring a child into this world. As to the flopping and dangling - I basically always have it tucked into my pants and usually my underwear as well - no matter if I am feeding or not feeding, I never let it dangle around - that way I am really able to forget about it.

Take care,