Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 37

I had another check-up with my doctor last week, found out that little one is in the 97th percentile of weight for his gestational age - yikes.... my doctor promised me to not let me get too far past my due date :-). It was also determined that I needed another iron infusion, and I had that done last Thursday at the hospital. I opted for the lower dose which will probably tide me over until the birth, but will have to re-load on iron yet again most likely right after.

Little one has started to settle down lower in my pelvis making me a bit less mobile than I was before. Now that I am in my 9th month of pregnancy, I am starting to get tired - sleepless nights, not knowing how to position myself in bed, sitting can be quite uncomfortable, standing even more, walking still okay but leads to an immediate feeling of having to go to the bathroom - I am well aquainted with all the public bathrooms now :-).

I am trying very hard to keep myself occupied - doing lots of sewing for the little one, bought a new camera and a book to go with it, and still need to complete my wedding scrap book. There are days when I hope for him to make an earlier appearance and than the minute after I realize that there is still so much I want to get done :-).

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