Friday, November 2, 2012


Finley is now seven weeks old. He is growing like a weed, generally a very happy baby except when his belly bothers him (usually at night). I am doing well, quite amazing with how little sleep you can function when you are pumped up on all those Mommy hormones.

My stoma has been giving me lots of problems. About one week after Finni's birth it started leaking like crazy and hasn't stopped. My stoma tract has become very wide now that my belly is all gone again. It will take time and some good workouts for my abs to tighten again. I am also using medihoney to encourage granulation. I have also switched over to special absorbent dressing and that helps incredibly to keep my skin intact.

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Anonymous said...

awwwh gorgeous boy! :) Hope you manage to get your stoma sorted.. do you think it will shrink back down?

I had a mickey button placed a couple of weeks ago, no more dangly tube! And, remember all those funny popping sensations you had? Well, if Im hungry, I get them too... I can watch my button get 'pulled' into my abdomen really tight so my skin dimples, and then it pops out again when my stomach lets go of the balloon. Really freaked me out to start with but now Ive got used to it and try and make sure I dont get really hungry as its the only time it happens.

Hope you're both enjoying parenthood :)

Lynda x